Organizational Philosophy

At Centro Cívico of Amsterdam, Inc., we believe in the enormous potential of the Latino community, and in the strength and ability of our people.  We are also immensely proud of our Latino heritage and the contributions we have made to every aspect of this great nation.

We Believe That:

  • all people regardless of race, national origin, creed, color, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender are welcomed to utilize our services,
  • to build a unified and strong community, we must respect individuality and promote diversity as well as collaboration and open communication,
  • through nurturing and quality education, family as well as community members can help each other to achieve their potential and become productive, caring members of society,
  • through quality education our children can realize their fullest potential,
  • through education, job training, public support, and better utilization of available resources, our men and women can become more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to the economic and technological vagaries of society,
  • through collective effort, and greater awareness, the menace of drugs, alcoholism, and the devastation of AIDS in our community can be minimized,
  • through health education and better nutrition our community can be healthier and live longer,
  • through affordable decent housing the unity and integrity of the Hispanic family is enhanced, as well as the creation of neighborhoods which foster a sense of pride, conviviality and safety,
  • in the wisdom and dignity of our senior citizens and their right to enjoy life and to be active in every aspect of community life,
  • in the right to work and that the ideals embodied in the American dream of justice and equality can be achieved for our communities through fairness and affirmative efforts,
  • through the above activities we can enhance our capacity to become the producers rather than mere consumers of goods and services; owners instead of renters, providers instead of recipients, and leaders instead of bystanders,

We firmly believe that prosperity and progress is in our hands, as we take greater responsibility for ourselves and move forward working assiduously toward our economic and political goals.

We are convinced that we will attain our rightful place in the mainstream of society, as we struggle persistently and in unison against the insidious obstacles and barriers which deter our progress.

We believe in self-determination.  We believe in nuestro poder Hispano.



  • Noche en la Plaza
  • 5th Annual Casa Celebration
  • Latino Leadership Institute
  • Playing it Safe
  • Community Fest