The History of Centro Civico of Amsterdam, Inc.

Centro Cívico is a community based organization serving primarily, but not solely, the Hispanic Community.  It is the only tax-exempt Hispanic and minority organization in Fulton and Montgomery Counties with the capacity to administer funds and deliver vital services to the Hispanic community of these counties.  As a not-for-profit agency, it is the policy of Centro Cívico to serve all eligible persons regardless of race, national origin, creed, color, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender in the Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

The Agency was established as a voluntary organization in 1986.  Since then, and with the assistance of many volunteers and agency staff, it has provided literacy and language courses for adults, voter registration drives, health and education programs, employment services, low-income housing opportunities, promoted small business development, community economic development, consumer advocacy for individuals with special needs (MR/DD and HIV/AIDS), enrichment and cultural and social activities.  Thousands of community residents have benefited from the programs and services that have been offered.        

Centro Cívico of Amsterdam, Inc. believes in the vast potential of the Hispanic community mobilization and overall progress.  The Centro aims to strengthen and preserve the stability of the family and particularly to reduce the psychological, social, and economic vulnerability of Hispanic women.  Among the youth of the community, Centro Cívico seeks to promote wholesome development of the individual and the community, and to instill cultural pride and motivation for learning as well as for academic achievement.

In helping to unlock the doors to opportunity, the Centro is dedicated to the comprehensive development of the community through the creation and implementation of culturally-relevant educational programs, employment and job training, small business development, housing initiatives, physical and mental health services, and other essential programs which promote self-sufficiency and greater participation in the mainstream of society.



  • Noche en la Plaza
  • 5th Annual Casa Celebration
  • Latino Leadership Institute
  • Playing it Safe
  • Community Fest