Spanish HIV/AIDS Hotline

New York State-wide Spanish AIDS Hotline (SIDA)

SIDA Hotline: 1-800-233-7432

The New York State Spanish AIDS Hotline is an initiative serving the Latino community in the State of New York.  SIDA effectively meets the informational needs of callers providing bicultural/bilingual referrals to health and HIV/AIDS services.  Our goal is to provide Spanish speaking callers throughout New York State with accurate information and literature about HIV/AIDS.  SIDA is the only New York Statewide HIV/AIDS Spanish language hotline providing culturally competent referral and resources for HIV prevention, support, and primary care related services throughout the state.  

Through contacts and collaborations with HIV/AIDS service providers throughout the state the Hotline is able to connect the caller to appropriate referral services within the caller's home area.  All our personnel is required to be bilingual/bicultural in an effort to ensure that the information provided is not only appropriate, but culturally sensitive. The hotline operators are trained in the diversity of nationalities and cultures represented in Latin America, also to ensure sensitivity to diversity. Additionally, the hotline specialists operators are mandated to receive HIVAIDS Confidentiality training and a 20 hours Hotline Technical training every year.  

Our Hotline Specialists also provide literature to caller and service providers. Our callers include individuals at risk for HIV, and service providers seeking the appropriate information and referrals for clients. In order to provide an accurate service, our specialists operators reviews materials on an ongoing basis to make sure they reflect the most recent and updated information. In addition our service providers’ information and directory data base is updated every two year to ensure that appropriate referrals are given.

This Program receives funds from the New York State Health Department and the AIDS Institute.

Contact us by email, telephone or by visiting our agency at:
143 -145 East Main Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (518) 842-3762
Facsimile: (518) 842-9139


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